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MeetMeetNow is "First meeting place type dating service". MeetMeetNow produces many couples everyday worldwide. You can meet and date with new partner at the meeting place of your city right now. Crowd who want to date right now gather at that meeting place.



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Admin: Kazuki Nishijima (Japanese: 西島和輝)

Tel: 026-296-9163

E-mail: 888888kazuki@gmail.com

Address: 74-1, Omachi, Naganuma, Nagano, Japan(Japanese: 〒381-0004 長野市大字大町74-1)

2014 ~ Today

MeetMeetNow history

If you operate a dating service, users rest assured when you discloses your information. (So, I disclose my personal information.)

2014 - I did entrusted development. But, I wanted my original service to increase sales. I wanted to make the world's fastest dating service. The dating service that users can leave from interface quickly and users can date quickly. I made web service "Meetown". Meetown system was the same as MeetMeetNow system "Meeting place type". Meetown did not become famous. I didn't know how to make it famous. TV commercial? Newspaper ads? I was freelance, no money.

2015 - I was hired by police. Yes, My campus life is not university. My campus life is police achademy. I enjoyed judo with campus friends on campus(Dojo) every day. I was worried about going to police cyber force or running Meetown. Side business is prohibited in police. My boss told me I should go cyber force. But, It takes 10 years. Cyber force or business. If you are a police officer, your income is guaranteed by nation. But, if you are a freelancer, your income may be one hundredth of a police officer. I knew the mental anguish of freelancer because my father is a water supply carpenter-freelancer-junior high school graduate. It's a job digging drainage system in the ground with shovel and connecting water pipes to toilet like Super mario. I was worried because civil servant, a lot of income. If you were my position, which did you choose? Stable job that arrest a person, or a job that may make a person happy but not stable. I wanted to run Meetown. I consulted with my boss and retired police. And worst day comes...

My village "Naganuma"... Not Venice. Naganuma village has 4 areas.

1. Naganuma Tuno

2. Naganuma Akanuma

3. Naganuma Omachi. My home.

4. Naganuma Hoyasu

Naganuma village primary school

Naganuma village gym

Naganuma village has no money. Naganuma village is not Venice. Villagers houses are tattered. Villagers are eating at a cardboard table. Naganuma village is an apple farmer village. But, Naganuma village cannot grow apples. Naganuma village wants cash. 194 countries users, Enjoy dating. Goal is wedding. And give me(MeetMeetNow) a lot of money. Yes, a lot of money.