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Japanese computers with AI, Cloud, IOT, 6G, BigData, Robotics, Space and Digital money. Best performance. Attack to CCP, People's Bank of China (Digital CNY), NRCPC, NUDT, 61398, APT Group Endpoint and CCP's IT companies. Best performance.
Yes, world's smallest ballistic missiles for Beijing peace.
Japan wants to put kawaii stickers on Nato Cuad fighters.
Nato Cuad should target the world's first AI missile "Epsilon" to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanjing and Guangzhou. Hong Kong, Wuhan, Lhasa, Urumqi and Hohhot will not be targeted. They are good people. When Epsilon missile encounters problems, AI will automatically fix problems. Epsilon missiles are launched fastest in the world. Only two PCs, only three persons can fix problems and fire with AI. AI missiles will become the global standard. Epsilon AI missiles prelaunch speed is faster than any missiles prelaunch speed. And Kawaii missiles use "Solid Fuel". That is, Nato Cuad has first-class missile development technology. If China has DF-5B, Nato Cuad has Al nuclear missiles Epsilon and world's smallest nuclear missiles for Beijing. State-of-the-art AI missile Epsilon's warhead should be equipped with 6,500 nuclear warheads owned by Nato Cuad. Chinese, if you want to do World War III, let's perish together. Stop wolf of war. Don't have territorial ambitions. Say "I'm sorry". Don't be a lone wolf. Become a cute panda. Be calm. Sensible Chinese should say to stop "Wolf of war" to Xi Jinping. Russians can hold a protest demonstration in Moscow. Moscow Russian: "Get along with the EU, President Putin!" Be cute panda, chinese, please. Nato Cuad doesn't want to destroy clean Beijing peace by 20,000 nuclear missiles. Japan can mediate between China and Nato Cuad.
Emperor Xi Jinping, your young soldiers are crying when war at Indian territory. But crying young soldiers, Russia sold MiG and Sukhoi to India and they are co-developing BrahMos missiles. China: "I want Russia S-400!" Russia: "Vladivostok......" India: "I want Russia S-400" Russia: "OK!" Xi Jinping, do you know this situation name? "四面楚歌(Battle of Gaixia)" Every young soldiers on the front line cries. I cry like them because I am young. Hate your dictator, crying chinese young soldiers. Xi Jinping, have you seen the movie "Der Untergang - Downfall"? Young people kill each other on the front line. Hitler said. "That is the mission of young people" But, Hitler was safe because he was in the underground shelter. CCP should stop the wolf of war and dismiss Xi Jinping, Zhao Lijian, Liu Xiaoming and Hu Xijin. Liu Xiaoming, Your Twitter is adulty and sexy. You are play boy. Otherwise, Ten-Nation-Alliance that has anti-chinese sentiment will be formed like 120 years ago. Hu Jintao is great leader. When Hu Jintao was the leader of China, world respected China. But, Xi Jinping is emperor, not leader. Nato Quad thinks Vladivostok is Russian territory, not Chinese territory. The value of the Russian ruble is declining because it is hated by the Euro, Dollar, Swiss franc and Japanese yen. One million anti-Chinese signatures were collected in Russia in March 2019. President Putin and Emperor Xi Jinping are friendly, but the Russian people hate China. Nato Quad thinks that Lake Baikal is not a Chinese lake but a Russian traditional clean lake. The citizens of Vladivostok are wary of China. Vladivostok's citizens love europe faith, tradition and Japanese products. Vladivostok is beautiful europian city with faith and tradition. Vladivostok has a population of 600,000. They believe in the existence of God and spirit. The population of the Chinese city who are non-religious adjacent to Vladivostok is 130 million. They are materialism. China will rob Russia's eastern territory. Nato Quad must protect Russia citizens and Russia territory from invader. Russia's Rosneft should develop in the South China Sea. That sea is Vietnam sea, Philippine sea, Malaysia sea, Indonesia sea. China gets Lake Baikal water. Russia wants South China Sea oil. However, China driven Russia out of the South China Sea. It's unfair. Nato Quad must defend Russia Rosneft. Nato Quad want to buy large quantities of Russia's excellent weapons. Vladivostok bought a lot of JDM, Land Cruiser, GT-R, Supra and Pajero. Nato Quad wants to buy Russia's excellent weapons. If North Korea and South Korea do not want to belong to the Qing dynasty like Joseon, South Korea, an economic power, and North Korea, a military power, should cooperate. And Enter to Eight-Nation alliance. That way, your independence and economic development will be protected.
Nagano suwa grand shrine's unicorn http://yatsu-genjin.jp/suwataisya/suwasya2/houkengaku.htm

America, Russia, EU, Islam and South judah. CCP rewrote the Bible. CCP rewrote Chapter 8 of the Gospel of John. "Rewriting the Bible" is rewriting the history of future peace world.

"We want to rule world by our army" Change that overconfident wrong thinking. How 61398 hacks you.

1. Famous services are hacked and users personal information are leaked.

2. Personal information list is sold on dark web.

3. 61398 targets army, navy, cyber force, militaly and technology companies.

4. 61398 finds employees who work at those companies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

5. 61398 checks your personal information on dark web and your information on SNS.

6. 61398 gets your office name and email address. 61398 wants your office name and your email address.

7. 61398 creates zeroday attack spyware for vulnerabilities in your company's system.

8. Your company?? sends a business email to you.

9. You press a link.

10. Bland thing is written in email.

11. Next day you go to work and connect your pc or smartphone to your company's wifi or network.

12. You tell your boss. "I read your email" Your boss tells you. "I didn't send an email to you".

13. 61398 will live on your company's servers for years. This is called "APT attack". Beyond that, hacker hacks network, server, and database vulnerabilities. Watch out for zero-day. Keep your computer up to date. You should run yum update automatically using yum-cron.

They are academic.

USTC, CUIT and NJUST. Top students who studied hacking and programming at these CCP-PLA-supported universities work at 61398.

Is it fun to attack civilians of other countries with hacking learned at computer school?

Don't use Alibaba.com, Tencent(QQ, WeChat, Weibo, and Games etc), Baidu, TikTok, and Huawei devise in your country. This name is "Great Firewall". And, Don't use BeiDou. Your movement will be captured by CCP.

"We are strong. We are great. We are King." OK, OK. But defense is weak.

Using their services is to support Uighur and Tibetan genocide. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Bhutan, . That Nazi want to invade their territory. But they are enjoying freedom with their language. Today, they can study hard with their language. Does CCP want to make them your colony?

Japan has 40 ton plutonium. Japan want to have 5,000 nuclear missiles. Japan is the closest to CCP. Japanese public opinion and soldiers wants nuclear missiles. Allies of Japan, USA, UK, France, India, Germany, Canada, Italia, Brazil, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Swiss, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Let's combine NATO and QUAD to become NatoQuad. Cool. Let's build a scrum. If Japan makes nuclear missiles, Japan would like to share nuclear missiles with you. Japan wants to buy 100 tons of uranium from Australia, Canada and Kazakhstan. Japan had 11 aircraft carriers and 90 submarines. Japan wants to protect Asian countries from Nazi.

Which side will Russia take? We Free Union GDP is over 50%. Nazi CCP GDP is 13%. Russia GDP is 1%. USA and Japan's GDP is 25%. We buy Russian oil. If Russia is truly the russian empire baltic navy man, Russia is truly 203 hill army man, you should help Uygur, Tibet and Bhutan. Those who invade peacefull Bhutan are beast. Select. Baltic navy men, Russian men. CCP, Russia sold MiG29 to India in July 2020. It was June when India and CCP battled at the border. CCP, Read OK.RU and VK. You can know thing that Russia citizen are also wary of China. Iran, North Korea and Turkey, join in the Allies. Japan mediates you with USA. When you ally with the Nazi and start a war, your country will be messed up by allies. Look at Japan. Japan fought the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and CCP. Can Iran, Turkey and North Korea fight and win against them? You can't win by fighting the Allies. You lose your country when you become an overconfident Nazi ally. Enter in the Allies.

Don't use Huawei 5G network. And Nato Cuad may not sell semiconductor development equipment to Huawei if CCP continues wolf of war. Huawei founder's father was killed by CCP. Huawei's founder hates CCP in his hearts. But Huawei cannot rebel against CCP. He couldn't resist CCP and had no choice. He joined PLA. This is the real. Nato Cuad may be able to side with the Chinese people. The Chinese people boycotted the CCP. Because CCP couldn't make semiconductors. CCP is afraid of that, so CCP wants to make domestic semiconductors by 2025. You should use Fujitsu's 5G network which made the world's fastest super computer "Fugaku". Fugaku has the strongest CPU "A64FX" manufactured by England ARM and Taiwan TSMC. Fugaku with AI, Cloud, IOT, 5G, 6G, BigData, Robotics and DOS Attack to Nazi. Best performance.

I want Alibaba Group and Tencent's users table records. Alibaba.com and QQ.com, Content-Security-Policy code is not set on your servers. Please set. Is Shenzhen security OK? It's loose.

Let's deny China's overconfidence.

China thinks that China is a developed country for robots. But Japan is the world's most developed country for robots. 43% of the world's robots are made in Japan. 20% of world's robots are made in America. China says "We are the robot king." However, Chinese robot parts are made in Japan. Japan has deployed the next-generation submarine "Lithium-Ion submarine" for the first time in the world. Japan won the Nobel Prize. And, China has the largest number of papers in the world. However, Chinese IT technology papers are of lower quality than American IT technology papers. American computer papers are few in number, but of higher quality than China. Many papers. No No. Quality.

Hey, glasses, premature ejaculation, Zhao Lijian. Shut up, Pooh dog. Are you Wolf? You are a Pooh's Dog. You are Goebbels. He is a coward who killed weak Jews and Poles. He is a coward who killed weak Uighurs and Tibetans. You are dog who is afraid to lose his current position by pooh. You are 文人, You are not 武人. You should be fired force and fight vs United States alone. Then you can become a wolf. You are a pooh dog of pooh dogs. Pooh and pooh dog turned Zhōngnánhǎi & Peitaihou CCP into Nazi. Pooh's chinese dream is Hitler's Third Reich dream. Nazi said. Poland was governed by our ancestors. So Poland is our territory. CCP said. Taiwan was governed by our ancestors. So Taiwan is our territory. The Allies do not watch CCP as a Soviet. The Allies watch CCP as a Nazi. The Soviet was reborn as a good democracy country named Russia. Say, Pooh dog. "Heil Pooh!" Say. What is the difference between England and Nazi in WW2? Britain was trusted by the world, and Nazi were trusted only by Japan. I will never forgive Hitler-Xi Jinping. When CCP invades Taiwan, it was the beginning of World War III. CCP, don't do that. Empire of Japan's war reason and CCP's war reason are different. There are no colonies in today Asia. Therefore, there is no need to release the colony. If you invade an independent country, CCP becomes Nazi. Don't do that.