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Killing the Chinese army is a pleasure for the Japanese army.
PLA cyber unit 61398, Let's war. Kill you. Japanese army wants to kill chinese. Know your real country power & level. Kill you, chinese.
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RF GaN: Quantum computer material. Weak overconfidence chinese, Let's war. Kill you.
TDK: Stealth paint "Ferrite" global share No.1. Weak overconfidence chinese, new COCOM. Chinese copycat computer and copycat stealth aircraft made in Japan. Kill you.
Pig chinese said "China is No1 Robot country!" Kill you. There are Japanese robots in chinese factory.
Weak Chinese Navy & Liaoning. Kill you.
Russian army, be on the side of the Allied Forces. Japanese army will kill all chinese.
Weak chinese. Let's war. Kill you.
Weak overconfidence chinese. Kill you. Nuclear attack Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing and Shenzhen. Oh, Shenzhen is close to Hong Kong, so Greatest Japanese Army will not nuclear attack Shenzhen.
The Chinese live in the coastal areas. Therefore, a nuclear attack on the coast. The great Japanese army can kill the Chinese efficiently.
Chinese have weak heart. Tibetan and Uighur have strong heart. Tibetan and Uighur, I'm sorry. Japanese army will go to tibet and east turkestan.
Suwa-taisha's picture http://yatsu-genjin.jp/suwataisya/suwasya2/houkengaku.htm
House of Joseph must protect the peace world from CCP. Joseph will gain hegemony. If your country rebels against Joseph, the Allies will destroy your country with 50,000 nuclear missiles.