Add Meeting Place

Does your city have a meeting place? You can add a meeting place of your city.

Rule 1: 1 city has 1 meeting place. 10 cities have 10 meeting places. 1 city should not have 2 meeting places. (A city should not have many meeting places. Because, users of your city get scattered. Matching accuracy decreases. So, If a meeting place already exists in your city, you should not add meeting place.)

Rule 2: Popular meeting place (Examples: Popular cute park, Popular stylish bronze statue, Popular fountain. Meeting place is the center of your city. Please add a famous meeting place that many people of your city know.)

Your country: United States

Please add a meeting place of your country. You can't add meeting place of another country.

Latitude of meeting place

Right example: 35.692158 Bad example: 35°41'31.8"N Get latitude and longitude of meeting place (Google Map)

Longitude of meeting place

Right example: 139.701148 Bad example: 139°42'04.1"E

City name

Example: New York


You can't delete this meeting place. Because, many people of this city will meet at this meeting place that you added. Critical responsibility. Are you sure?